venerdì 4 agosto 2017

MMVC17 - The beginning of the Conference

I have been involved in online training for some years now. I have met some  great  educators  who  have helped me develop as a teacher. One of them is  Dr. Nellie  Deutsch who is a great mentor supporting  teachers living all over the world.
They can learn about  Moodle, new technology in education and reflect. She is a great mentor, she spends hours online to run courses and conferences. Being a connected educator is now part of my life.

I have been working  online thanks to her and the courses which are offered on the platform  Moodle. In May I did  MM10 where I could learn how to develop a course online .Many educators who have been working with her are the presenters in her conferences which I think are really worth seeing.
Every summer in August we are offered  a number of  eventens which are free and for three days we can listen to and learn from the other  educators who  present their experiences.
This is the presentation which  was given online and I am going to write about some events  which I think have had  a great impact on me while watching them.

Presenters of MMVC17 from Dr. Nellie Deutsch on Vimeo.

Day 1   4th  August  2017

A short  presentation by  Dr. Nellie Deutsch on 4th August : you will see that she is a person who is loving people who are online and everything she does is really  inspiring. 

Thank you  to all the  speakers in this  Conference online!!

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