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MMVC17 My reflections online

MMVC17  My posts and my reflections online

by  Tiziana Angiolini

After being part of the online community of educators who saw the webinars which ran from 4th to 6th August I had to write some posts and to prepare my reflections in a video. I posted a video for 10 webinars and a video as an introduction to this experience online.

Here you  can find my videos online and the links to the all the  posts I have written so far: this is my homework for getting the Certificate of Attendance as Dr. Nellie Deutsch requires us to  write posts and to make some videos for reflecting about the events.

My Presentation online  about  MMVC17 with links to posts and also links to the videos

The Beginning of the Conference :My Post
Day1 Presenting the Conference

A video summarizing all the main events which I saw  on line

My post :  Technoclil in the  21st Century

My post : Spice  Up your Lessons with Interactive Tools

My Post: Dealing with Digital Distractions

My Post : Motivating

My Post: Improve Classroom Culture with Mindfullness

My Post: What to expect in online Education in coming years


My Post: Rethinking Stress

My Post : Understanding Programming Foundamentals

My Post about  Native and Non-native  English Teachers

My Post about  Innovation for quality Leadership

2 commenti:

  1. Dear Tiziana

    Thank you so much for brilliantly outlining your reflections in this insightful post, which contains many tips and ideas for making lessons more creative.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks to you Janet.
      You have inspired many educators and thanks to the great community of educators online I am trying to learn more. MMVC17 was really engaging and I must confess that August and summer are the best times when I can do interesting and engaging activities online. There is a lot discussion online and many voices can help us reflect on what to do and how to better our way of working. Creativity should be enhanced and I cannot but check what you did as you opened my mind and now I am ready to work in a different way. By the way, I will try to help a group of educators with EVO2018. The more I learn and the more I realize that today we can develop new skills.
      I hope you are well and wish you all the best.