sabato 15 luglio 2017

Learning about Google

            Learning about  Google for free

Simplek12 is a learning community of educators which I belong to.
I have learnt a lot thanks to their  webinars and I have paid for two more years so that I can have access to their webinars if I cannot  see them, in addition it is  a welcoming community where teachers share ideas and information about new web tools.
Now that summer has arrived  I feel I have more time to view the recordings of what I could see during the school year. Some events have been recorded and are open to anyone . Here you can see some interesting  webinars about  Google and tips for educators. The events took place in June this year and were really engaging.
The more I learn  the more I realize that education needs these new tools which can help me develop as a teacher who supports learners studying in the XXI century.

Sea (6226054714)
Image Credit -By Moyan Brenn from Anzio, Italy (Sea) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

                        Google  Tools
            A Presentation by Jerry  Swiatek

Website or Blog:
Go   Google for   Presentations
A Presentation by Tia Simmons





           Make Google Forms Work for You!

                      A   Presentation by Jayme Linton


      Amazing Digital Projects for All     Students with Google Tools

                                   A Presentation by   Matt  Bergman


10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need

                    A Presentation by  Paula Naugle


Using Google Docs and More for Differentiated, Collaborative Reading

                A   Presentation by Nikki D. Robertson

Looking forward to the next  sessions online!
Thanks  Simplek 12!                                       

venerdì 14 luglio 2017


DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP...........................WHY IT MATTERS

Today educators are involved in not only teaching their subjects, they are asked to teach their learners to be learners and citizens and thus they need to know more about their rights and the digital world. 

Interesting documents can be found online to learn about the importance of  teaching about  digital citizenship  in the first years of school with our  learners. 

Resources  worth checking

An interesting interview



Resources online for  Italian Teachers

Europe and ideas about   it: educators can rely on a network of experts and also resources about the best ways for approaching it.