venerdì 20 marzo 2015

PLN and what I have learnt from the WEB 2.0 TOOLS course with COURSERA

The journey into my  WEB 2.0 TOOLS  course has ended, I am still waiting for my  certificate and yet I am missing the lessons, the forums and the interesting people I have met because I have learnt a lot from them!
I have seen nice projects, I have learnt about  new tools and  now  I am eager to learn more.

   I have developed my PLN and I will continue to do this in the future.
I wish to thank all the people from COURSERA who  ran this  great  course which was so interesting and provided us with plenty of ideas.

But I would also say thank you  to people I have met thanks  to TWITTER  because I have  learnt more about teachers who are  sharing and learning.
The following link can provide you with more information about   these tools which  should be known by  most of  teachers and students: 2.0&type=3

One of the  teachers has  shared this  teaching-Toolbox :

In  Italy there is  a thriving community on line  where  teachers  share their  experience

So .... there is more to learn  about   and  BECOME  A BETTER  TEACHER!

martedì 3 marzo 2015

WEB 2.0 TOOLS to start working with from COURSERA MOOC 2015

             Tools which are worth  trying 

I have just found this  great presentation on line which I would like to share with you: they give us an idea of what is going on and how  the world of education is going to continue changing........ What tools  would you like to use ?  I think I will use many more.........  because  I am curious..............

What I like is the idea of  having a lot of tools which are  FREE, so  for me   Google is still one of the best  tools, this presentation on line can give you an idea of the many opportunities we have  and  we should all share and use:   

   Interesting   Tools
The following   WEB  2.0 TOOLS  were presented in the course which is going to finish this week. I feel that we should all try to use them because  they are   so  POWERFUL and they can make a  difference!!!
1) Communication   PADLET

2)  Collaboration    -  REALTIMEBOARD                                          

3) Creativity    Storyboard                                                      

4) Mind  Mapping Tool  -Mindomo                                                       

 5)Bookmarking                                                    It is a free social bookmarking tool that allows you to organize, store, and share digital resources online. 



7)  ( published on line    Febbruary 2015)
12)     ( interesting section for  English Language Teachers and  other  teachers)