sabato 9 settembre 2017

Blogging with Edublog

For my school activities this  year  I started a blog by using the  educational blog

Here is  a tutorial about it: it is  easy to start and  it has a nice layout. I have only a basic  account but I could also upgrade it.

Edublogs tutorial from Elizabeth Rosen

The idea of  blogging with my classes was influenced by some blogs which I saw online and which made me think that  my students should use more  English and  follow some activities  and tasks from home.
When we finish  school we  do not have much interaction  with students and this is  a pity.  By using a blog we can choose a topic,  create a presentation and  discuss together after researching, deciding the  research and working on it while  using the  language.
Blogs can be used in different ways, they can be  created by students too but in EFL  teachers can enhance  learning  by providing a platform where students  can share their ideas:
i.  reflecting on what they  have  read about  or use the blog as a  classroom discussion
ii. investigating and reporting online about what they have learnt about
iii. using the platform to record activities  and  projects
iv. talking about  shared activities

My blog :

When we  learn online we can  also use images and  for this  reason I am going to use the blog to get my  students more engaged by  using pictures and images they can  discuss and make comments  on:

I teach in  a liceo  artistico in Italy and  my students are working on art, paintings  : we are required to search for images online which we  can use for descriptions.
Posts can be grouped under different  categories  : here is mine about   Ireland. More posts will be added during the  school year and will be  grouped  depending on the Language  levels of my learners.

Posts can be shared online on different social  platforms.

You can embed  pictures, videos and if you  upgrade more  gadgets.

My blog is going to become a document with lots of links and activities which will be shared with my classes.

If it works well, I might decide to help my students blog and present their activities online.

The adventure has just begun.