sabato 22 aprile 2017

Sutori : an interesting app used for telling stories and useful for collaboration

Sutori is a user friendly app which can be used to write stories and people can collaborate while working on them.

I have just started using it but it is really engaging and you can make nice presentations or just tell stories by using images, writing texts, uploading videos or audio recordings. You can have forums, quizzes and it is easy to share the final product you have created.

Here are some tutorials which can help you  work  on it for the first time, but  you will not have many difficulties if you have already used  Tackk or  Padlet for boards and presentations.

Here you can find a nice example online : you will see that it is well-organized and it presents great potentialities for educators and students!

venerdì 14 aprile 2017

EDuzzle: a great tool for FLIPPED LEARNING and ELT

EDpuzzle can be considered one of the best tools online for creating lessons with videos while getting students engaged. It is the perfect tool for ELT lessons as teachers can choose the videos they want to use with their students and create questions or quizzes about them. It is useful when introducing topics or for brainstorming ideas.Students of English can benefit from listening and watching a video with questions about it.
I started using it after ZAPTION closed down last year. I could move the videos I had chosen from Zaption to EDpuzzle. It took me some hours to learn how to use it. It is user-friendly and really useful because teachers can share the videos with their learners and give them tasks to do from home.
You can find the link to some comments written by educators and here I have embedded a nice flyer informing people about the advantages of using this tool.

Links online where some educators describe the great qualities of this tool which is  free :


Presentation online for educators:

Happy Easter 2017

Just some days for relaxing and reading at home. Spring is in the air and we are going to end the school year in June. It's holiday now- just some days for getting relaxed and find new ideas and inspirations for the last lessons at school. I was looking forward to them!!
It's Easter time in Italy and we'll get back to school on 19th April in my region.
I hope we will be able to rely on better days as what's happening around us is making wars but nobody can win and what remains is just sadness and death. Happy Easter to the world and the ones who are suffering because of wars. I wish we could all live in peace because too many generations of children and families have had to cope with atrocities and  human beings suffer because of  decisions which they had never shared.

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Spring 2017 Big Deal of Technology

An interesting ebook for educators which can be downloaded for free:


The book provides a useful guide for people who are interested in using technology in their schools and are willing to work in a different way. I have found some interesting information which I think might be useful for developing new learning environments where learners use new tools, collaborate, share information and follow the new ideas about learning in the XXI century.
I feel it is worth sharing as more and more we are required to change our approaches and collaboration, creativity, working online with other schools  are the reality of many learners and educators.
In Europe we have a lot of projects where we are asked to follow this path. This ebook is not published by a European  publisher but it can help us as there are a lot of links and projects we might try to read about.
Enjoy reading it!