venerdì 20 aprile 2018

Ebooks and education

Some years ago I took a course about  how to create my ideal ebook. I was helped by a  team of  educators who were  working with Shelly Terrell in an EVO session.

This experience online  marked my  CPD and I could see some great works and  learnt about the best tips .

Today I presented at Lend in Reggio Emilia  what we can call a summary of the best  ebooks and   the  platforms for creating ebooks. It is a long list of  tools which are changing our way of working and can help us develop our own  materials.

In the last two months I tried to find more  platforms but I also realized the  service might be  poor quality in terms of what they offerred.

The website which I created online is part of my  CPD and it contains links and  examples of what we mean by creating ebooks.   These can be  read online, have  links to other  sources, documents and can be downloaded too. Not all platforms enable you to do this.

Here is the link to the website:

The presentation online is based on the website and it contains many  examples of what you can do.

First of all, you will need to think about what you want to create.   Your  research will be  based on
the content, the images and the links you want to provide for assessing  sources

Ebooks and their use and creation in education- prof. Tiziana Angiolini Lend Reggio Emilia 20 aprile 2018 from TIZIANA ANGIOLINI

It is important  to plan and  to be able to try new tools. I feel that  more  teachers should   become aware of  what we can find online for free.  Not  only tools but also  materials created  by educators and  their learners.

Just check on line  what I have  shared in my website and presentation  at Lend in  Reggio Emilia.

Here is my video presentation to let you know that you  can manage.

giovedì 12 aprile 2018

A Story about Books

Books may change  your life.

I have always  been  a lover of books. They have become part of my life, like eating some icecream or having  a cup of tea  in the afternoon. Daily routines which can help me  dream, think and also  feel a bit  happier after some  bad days.

Books may be neglected by our  students but books can help us  grow and become better learners.

Here is a short story  I have  created by using  Google Docs and uploading it on a free  service  used for creating  ebooks.

lunedì 2 aprile 2018

Microsoft and its learning Community

Right now I am doing some self-development on line by using Microsoft and its community.

Online we can find lesson plans, information about  Bing  and we can also find and  share lessons

Here is the recording of my page on Microsoft, I have a  free access to the account and I have just tried doing the main  webinars and courses   they are offering online:

Educators can achieve badges and  certificates once they have done the  activities.  It depends on your level and maybe you will need to repeat the test .

Badges and certificates can be shared and showcase what you have  learnt.
Here are just some of what you might get if you choose to work online


domenica 1 aprile 2018

Easter Resources online

While searching online in the  last few days I came across these interesting  resouces which I am going to use or might use in class.
Some are images, visual input which can provide content for learning and speaking. Most of them are shared by educators  in their posts on social networks.

I am sharing them online as I feel that today free resources and  lots of documents can be used or adapted for any lesson plan dealing with the topic and also history and English lessons.

Anthippi from  Greece  shared her ebook created by using an interesting  app- I wish to thank  her as we have been doing a lot of courses online and she's suggested  useful  tips and ideas for enhancing our teaching:

Some quotes and  tweets can also help us reflect  as educators and  how to  help our  learners become   responsible citizens of  this world: here is one which I have found  " encouraging " and         " useful" for our  learners: we do teach  English and other  subjects but  we are  educators and  need to help  think  deeply-

A lot of images with cards are available online and they can be used for describing images in English  language  lessons. Just check the source and provide the right credit.

A Happy Easter. (36) (NBY 420700)

Link to the  image on Wikimedia

There are many more  resources online and teachers just need to focus on what  skills they  want their  students to enhance.

More Resources

sabato 31 marzo 2018

Happy Easter 2018

In the last  months I have learnt more about  some tools which can help us  make videos:

I am sharing this video creating by using the tool is user-friendly and you can use it for sharing your online experiences.

I wish you all    Happy  Easter!!


domenica 18 marzo 2018


Some years ago  while I was learning online I came across  the wonderful ideas of  some educators who suggested I should start blogging. Most of them were ELT Teachers and loved  experimenting online.
I followed some ideas by Janet Bianchini, Nellie Deutsch  and Shelly  Terrell. Shelly is a friend, a virtual friend who is  the one I am following in most of  my CPD: she has collected some wonderful resources for educators who want to blog.

Blogging Resources, by shellyterrell
Since then I have  started some blogs for my personal reflections while doing the Moocs, a blog for my students - it is not run by them and I have learnt to use different platforms. My greatest hope is to have more students who write and post in their class blogs and share ideas . I have used Blogger, Edublogs and other platforms but I am still learning- like all the life-long learners I have met online.

I have taken the  great course  by Kathleen Morris : Betterblogging 

The course  started in January and it is going to finish this  month. It was a source of information and interesting ideas. Not to mention the great  educators who have shared their blogs and their ideas.

We were asked to join the  FB Group and we shared ideas, we were asked to do some tasks- I must confess that  I need to finish some but  I will do them in the next  days.
Meanwhile I have learnt a lot  and I have been guided to use  Edublogs, although I have a free account and  I cannot  embed what I would like to do.

Here are two blogs which I am using  thanks to the free account I have created. Edublogs is userfriendly and this course has  helped me a lot.

 After doing this  course I have a short term goal : I need to improve the quality of my  posts and find a way for being more interactive with my students. Also parents should be more interactive and I will have to work on a page in the blog.

What I would like to do in the next years is  to help my students work in a class blog. I need more time and the help of the other  teachers in my school.  The lack of technology is a problem so I am using my blog    for posting some lessons and  providing some help online for my learners.

I think that I will continue posting on FB page for Betterblogging too as I have found some interesting  educators who have the similar  interests I have.

I  am writing this post in my old blog to thank   Kathleen Morris and the educators who worked with her in this  great  course and  I hope you will re-run a second course  where we will continue sharing ideas about  new ways of working with students.

mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Rewordify for better learning and understanding texts

Rewordify is a useful free tool which can be used  by learners when reading.

Here is the link to the tool:

It is a modern tool which can be used by  teachers teaching  English and  to help their learners.
It can help to understand and summarize texts but it is also useful for learning new  words or for developing the  reading strategies of learners who are  learning on their own.

Here are some inteesting  videos showing us what you can do with this free tool:


I want to thank  Shelly  Sanchez Terrell who introduced this tool in one of her fabulous webinars online and the tutors  working in a  course by Zanichelli in Italy who have reminded me that  this tool can enhance the  students' reading   strategies.  I will write about this course in one of my next posts.