domenica 1 maggio 2016


Final  Reflections and  Thanks to the organizers and tutors online.

I finished my  SL MOOC- the 2016  MOOC about    SL  and  Virtual World yesterday. The  Mooc was a great one, one of the best  MOOCs I have ever followed since I started learning online.
I wish to thank the tutors online and the  organizers of  SLMOOC16: you were great supporters and made me enter a new reality. I have just started learning about the many communities online and I will continue learning to enhance teaching and supporting  my students .

The approach to the sessions was  " engaging" : you provided me with interesting ideas, videos and weblinks to what SL and other  virtual worlds can offer  educators and  librarians.  As regards my subject - I teach  English - but I also  teach  German privately, I think that  Sl and other  worlds can support me in teaching and creating a  great  learning environment.

                                               Thanks to the  Organizers !

This is my video where I reflected on what I have learnt  about SL and the opportunities  virtual worlds can offer us:

Here you can find the slides  about  this  online experience where I provided the links to what I watched in most of the sessions which I could  only see in the recordings.  
It was such  a great  experience!


Virtual  worlds can enhance our professional development and provide new learning opportunities

       Virtual  libraries can support us in learning and  reading  skills 

                                        Virtual  worlds can help us by building  a community of learners who have also   fun!!