martedì 6 gennaio 2015

#ADBlendMOOC week 1

Beginning a new  journey into    BLENDED  LEARNING  and  TEACHING and LEARNING  in the  21st Century

      New Year and  a new course on line : this time it is about  BLENDED LEARNING.  I have just  started the course, it is a MOOC and  Professor  BERNARD BULL is running  it.   It is interesting to see how education is being  taught, discussed and presented in the  MOOCs on line.   So far I have  followed three courses and  they have all  dealt with  education and its future, and  the term BLENDED  LEARNING  has been used by all Professors, teachers and  people who were discussing this issue.

You can  reach the new MOOC  by  using this link:

I have watched  and  listened to the videos of the first module.
I found the defintions the  Professor used for BLENDED LEARNING were interesting and in some cases new for me.  I have also searched the web and found a lot of information, as a teacher of English I feel that  BLENDED LEARNING   offers many  interesting  advantages and I am going to discuss and learn  more about them.  I realize that  there will be  difficulties but every teacher should be aware of  it.


I have  also watched this  interesting  webminar in German: it is worth  seeing!                                                                                                                               


If you have  time  you should watch  this   interesting  video: 
Blended learning: Frank Baxter at TEDxManhattanBea     

Another video which I feel guides  us into this  journey is this talk : 
Creating classrooms that work: Esther Wojcicki at TEDxBeaconStreet

And as a teacher  I feel that  more time should be spent on teaching and learning in a different   way, we cannot leave  students  behind and  what's more in the  21st century you need to give  more  value to the  experience of  education.  I like her ideas : technologies can be  the key to success and teachers should be able to use them and feel that  there is no good education if we  lose  our students.