lunedì 29 giugno 2015

MY PLN - MOOC COURSE ABOUT GAMES spring-summer 2015

After a  first MOOC with this European organization I  took a second  course about  Games:  this is  the link to the course provider

It was something new for me, but it offered interesting ideas about the best ways for  using computers and  games in projects and  school activities.
I also carried out  my personal research about games in ELT and  I discovered interesting websites.
This is my  learning  diary and the final activity which I have submitted.

After I finished each module I took a test and got a badge. The final project made me think about the many possibilieties of using games in education. Here is a list of useful websites, more can be found in my learning diary which you can find in the padlet I have embedded .

The following  link offers a useful  guide for  teachers of ENGLISH  and  games in education:

The course  provided us with a list  of  commercial  games and we could  discuss them and introduce more  games:

My personal research made me try  and see more  games and their use in  ELT:

This link  can offer  links to many   useful activities


ELT games  can be found  by  following this link:

There are different levels and you should see which is the right one for your students: this is  a useful game for  students whose level is B1- C1.


 To be continued........................................

domenica 28 giugno 2015



Spring can be a busy  period for  a  teacher but  I am going to present my learning diary about an interesting MOOC which  I did after I finished the Course about  WEB 2.0 TOOLS with  COURSERA. For me last spring was inspiring because I learnt a lot, first of all we could  share ideas about  new technologies and see what other  teachers have  done or  are going to do thanks to the new learning  environment that is changing the way we  work at school now.  This is their presentation on line:

This time the course was run by a European institution, while COURSERA  is  based in the USA but  they offer courses from AUSTRALIA and other  countries, and  this MOOC made me learn more about the use of  tablets and how to make  lessons more engaging.  It is not  a rule to use them in all the lessons but you can discover a new  world of learning.
Here is my diary- at the end of the course I had to create a lesson/project using  tablets: I wish I could do this with my classes next year. Maybe lessons would be  less boring and  everybody would be  an active  learner. What I could see on line  was great: have a look and you will understand that education  is   improving now ....
SHARING ideas   was  great and I learnt from the  others.

This padlet is a summary of some the works teachers worked on while doing the MOOC: you will find  great activities and lots of ideas based on what we learnt.