giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Spring 2017 Big Deal of Technology

An interesting ebook for educators which can be downloaded for free:


The book provides a useful guide for people who are interested in using technology in their schools and are willing to work in a different way. I have found some interesting information which I think might be useful for developing new learning environments where learners use new tools, collaborate, share information and follow the new ideas about learning in the XXI century.
I feel it is worth sharing as more and more we are required to change our approaches and collaboration, creativity, working online with other schools  are the reality of many learners and educators.
In Europe we have a lot of projects where we are asked to follow this path. This ebook is not published by a European  publisher but it can help us as there are a lot of links and projects we might try to read about.
Enjoy reading it!

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