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Google Suite

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Last Saturday I could follow some webinars about  Google and its main apps. Thanks to  SimpleK12 I have become familiar with many tips and learnt from the others, educators who share on line what they have done and do by using  Google Drive and  Google Classroom. On 25th March we followed a special day about  Google- all the sessions were  free. It was great, so many teachers were online and got engaged!

In my school we have not used  Google Classroom yet but  I have become familiar with  Google apps and I must confess that  I like them. We might use  Google Classroom, and honestly I would like to do it as it is really helpful with students. Working in the cloud and having all the materials you use online can help you as a teacher.

I have collected some documents online in my Tackk which I am sharing here. For ELT materials and ideas   Google Slides and Google Docs can be great tools.  I have learnt how to write my first ebook and I have used  Google Slides to create my ebook as a pdf. Later I used it for uploading the text online and create my flipbook on some platforms where I published  my ebooks without paying.
Using Google Docs as a group activity can be a good example of a collaborative task and I like the idea of having my activities online which can be shared and people can write their comments on what I have done.

I will share this collection in a presentation which I am going to make and I hope that I will help other teachers love  Google in education.

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  2. Thanks. I'll have to add some extensions and apps and Grammarly will be mentioned. Right now I am checking some new tools which can enhance learning and teaching English.