sabato 15 luglio 2017

Learning about Google

            Learning about  Google for free

Simplek12 is a learning community of educators which I belong to.
I have learnt a lot thanks to their  webinars and I have paid for two more years so that I can have access to their webinars if I cannot  see them, in addition it is  a welcoming community where teachers share ideas and information about new web tools.
Now that summer has arrived  I feel I have more time to view the recordings of what I could see during the school year. Some events have been recorded and are open to anyone . Here you can see some interesting  webinars about  Google and tips for educators. The events took place in June this year and were really engaging.
The more I learn  the more I realize that education needs these new tools which can help me develop as a teacher who supports learners studying in the XXI century.

Sea (6226054714)
Image Credit -By Moyan Brenn from Anzio, Italy (Sea) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

                        Google  Tools
            A Presentation by Jerry  Swiatek

Website or Blog:
Go   Google for   Presentations
A Presentation by Tia Simmons





           Make Google Forms Work for You!

                      A   Presentation by Jayme Linton


      Amazing Digital Projects for All     Students with Google Tools

                                   A Presentation by   Matt  Bergman


10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need

                    A Presentation by  Paula Naugle


Using Google Docs and More for Differentiated, Collaborative Reading

                A   Presentation by Nikki D. Robertson

Looking forward to the next  sessions online!
Thanks  Simplek 12!                                       

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