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MMVC17- Technoclil in the 21st Century School

                                              Technoclil in the 21st Century  School

The Webinar took place on 4th  August. I could see the webinar on line and the speaker was  Letizia  Cinganotto who described the importance of   Clil in education with reference to her studies and the Italian situation .  The other presenter  Daniela Cuccurullo was not online.
This was the introduction to the webinar created by Nellie Deutsch :

The link between CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and technologies to improve the quality of education in the 21century.

The event was focussed on the different terms and studies which are in relationship to Clil and to the EVO Session 2017 where  thousands of teachers from all over the world  took part.  It was a detailed list of names and sources which were mentioned  and which  I was familiar with as I did  two  EVO  Technoclil courses - one in 2016 and one in 2017.

Definition of  Clil


 Another important reflection was on the skills which learners living in the 21st century need to have:

The speaker focussed on the use of technology  in education to enhance learning and how  educators are trained.  It is important  to work on  ICT, English and also  new approaches to teach  Clil. In Italy   Clil is very important and  that's the main reason why a lot of Italian teachers  worked in the EVO  Technoclil session this year.
 The final part of the presentation was on the activities which teachers had to work on in the 5 week Technoclil course in February.  The Learning Diary and their works were shortly discussed.
I connected with  Letizia and  also shared my ideas about the issue of Clil in Italy. I also  said that it was a great experience for me although I am not a teacher of non-linguistic  subjects and saw great projects and learning diaries created by using  Padlet.
I had no questions to ask but  I expressed my perplexities in relationship to the enhancement of these skills in educators living in my country, I meant to refer to the old teachers as their level of English is not  adequate to teach  Clil. In Italy we have good  language teachers but  a few  Clil Teachers or people with  the right skills to work in English in class and work well. 
Personally, I found this webinar interesting and liked to see others  who seemed to be interested in it.
In the last two years I've tried to work on my skills and I would like to work with a teacher who teaches philosophy in my school and to introduce some Clil activities next year.......
I think that there might be  challeges in starting them as most teachers in my school have not been trained. But I don't want to be  so pessimistic and I hope we will find a way to work on  Clil.
To begin with I might  work with other teachers to design simple tasks to support the teachers who do not  have a B2 level in English. It would be nice to have more teachers working in my school who might do EVO TECHNOCLIL in 2018!!
I will work on my self-development and  I will also do the next EVO Technoclil 2018 as Daniela and Letizia have done a great job so far.
Finally my last question to Letizia: how long will it take for  Italian teacher to achieve a good level of competence to be able to teach non-linguistic subjects in the final school year? Are you optimistic? 
Here is the video with  Letizia  presenting her webinar:

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