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MMVC 17- Motivating Teens & Youngster to learn & study by listening to & Tapping into their Needs

4th   August

Motivating Teens & Youngsters to Learn & Study by Listening to & Tapping into their Needs 
Speaker: Susan Brodar

I was online on 4th August and I could listen to the speaker  Susan Brodar talking about her experience to engage and to motivate students who need to take exams in September. 

I had already watched Susan speaking in some webinars in the past and  I really loved her. Ifelt that I should watch her presentation, and it was worth doing it!!
Susan made a great presentation based on what she does and what she's doing to get  the students more engaged.
I think that she was great as she provided lots of tips which were really interesting- this makes me believe that she must be a hard-working teacher as she is working on the best practices to work with her students. Dealing with teenagers may be hard sometimes... sometimes we need to find a way for approaching them and  for working better with them.
Grammar is important but she wants her students to work on it in a different  way  as she knows that language  learners have to develop different skills from reading to speaking, from listening to  writing. You cannot  learn a language  if you do not work on it!! 
Here are some of the tips she provided us with:


The use of technology can help us and  youtube  and some sites provide  us  with tools for enhancing learning .   is one which I think is worth trying.  It seems to be  useful for students!

Sending homework to students is another way for monitoring them and  getting them involved in the process of acquiring the language!

She also suggested using tools for  word clouds : I agree with her.

A great activity which can help our  learners develop is based on reading  audiobooks: Susan provided us with an interesting website with free audiobooks. They can be downloaded and you are provided with the text and the audio.  This is perfect for my students!  I checked online and found  graded readers- I think that they might help me with my students next year.
Learning a language implies  learning by reading too.
Link which I will use  for my students :

I connected online and shared my ideas with the others who were online. I asked her some questions about how to cope with activities that might enhance learning and I asked about  creativity  and more engaging tasks.
I think that the tips she provided us with were the right ones for  Elt teachers working with students of any age. Being successful in English  implies working and becoming  more responsible  and she has worked well!

When I watched the webinar I thought that some tips were really important for me and I felt well as I am aware my students with poor  language skills  should be supported in a similar way.

I feel I can try to use some strategies and the  tools which seem to be good value.
There are no challenges for me, I just need to work and reflect about how to face the learners ' needs.
I think that at school we could start working in this way for the summer work of the  students who have difficulties: if I could I would like to ask Susan about the students' results.  Have your students  really improved? 

Thanks  Susan!!  

Here is the recording of this interesting  webinar:

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