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MMVC17 - Rethinking Stress Triggers

6th August  2017

Webinar by  Sue Annan:  RETHING  STRESS  TRIGGERS


The webinar took place on 6th August and I was online, I could follow the interesting presentation by the speaker who explained how we can deal with stress when starting  teaching online.
She explained that when beginning teaching online you need to take into considerations many things:
first of all when you want to be available for some activities, secondly you need to cope  with you  and your private life- your family or your home life and your work life. You need to find a balance.

An important issue was discussing together about what we mean by stress and also working on the idea of " positive" stress. The focus was on working online and how hard it may seem at the beginning. You may feel you are overloaded and cannot find a solution for many problems :
-  finding   clients
-  thinking abou the website you are working on and its appeal on the learners
-  feeling worried about the prices and how much you should charge your customers

She suggested being  mindful so that we can be successful .

The approach of being mindful has already suggested by Dr. Nellie Deutsh in her webinar in this conference and personally I cannot but feel that both speakers have thought about the best tips.

I really liked what Sue Annan said about    " Smelling the roses", it is an easy  but helful way to be  and feel positive.

Key Idea :  Being  mindfulful

During the webinar I connected with the others and I really liked what the presenter focussed on as it must be very challenging for educators to start working online. She provided us with simple ways to face the beginning of a new way of working but what she said may be true for any task or activity we are starting.
I did not have any questions but I only appreciated the steps which she followed to guide us. We had to think about stress and to consider both sides of the coin.
The content presented is relevant to me as a teacher and a learner - I might  do some online courses  and the course  coordinator one day and I might feel under pressure so the tips she gave us in the webinar were really helpful.
Her words about being more relaxed  and about  smelling the roses made me feel  relaxed as  educators need to have control of what is happening around them and when facing difficulties it is important to have a positive attitude.

I think that what she said was based on her experience and that challenges can be faced by following simple steps like thinking that we can rely on the others and  that there are people like me   who might be in the same situation. Being positive is the beginning of a process of empowerment that provides us with " more energy" to cope with difficulties.

What I am going to do is to learn more about which strategies can help me develop to feel better when I am not satisfied.
As to the speaker in the webinar my final question is simple: How do you feel now that you are  working online? Are you less free ? Which are tips do you think you could share with us ?


Here is the recording of the webinar

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