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MMVC17-Understanding programming Fundamentals

5th August  2017

Webinar  "Understanding  Programming  Fundamentals " by  Harshita Kapoor

I was online on 5th August and I could follow the webinar by Harshita who is a great educator and expert in e-learning.
The main focus of the webinar was on the importance of learning programming fundamentals for using online platforms while trying to customise them as per your requirements.
She focussed on programming, hosting a website and customising it. Finally she focussed on password security.
She encouraged everybody not to be afraid of programming, reming us of the importance of it in education. She mentioned  Scratch which is a software that is now  used in school for teaching  programming. I tried to use it some time ago and I found it very simple. In some schools  also young students are learning about it now.  

I did not connect much but listen to the presentation that was really interesting. I learnt more about  internet security and passwords. I thought about what we are doing in Italy too: the language of coding is entering our schools in Italy but I have never been involved in this planning.
The presentation was relevant to me as  I have already started working online and I think I should be more involved in learning  about  programming. I felt happy as I realized that I am working by trying to learn more about technology and when I write in my blogs or websites I am continuing  learning.
But I do need to be more  aware of the risks of passwords.
I will continue learning about  the issue of privacy and security and the next  steps I will take will deal with this issue. It can be a  challenging experience but I need to do it also because  we will work by using such devices.

My future will continue in building my knowledge about programming , the language of  internet and carrying out  researches  related to online earning . How to work better  while providing lessons and courses will be part of my development.
Doring Moocs online and any course like the Moocs  which  Dr. Nellie Deutsch runs every year by using the LMS  Moodle can help me develop as a learner and as  teacher.


Thank you  Harshita for reminding us that we do need to become more expert in programming and  to be more careful when choosing our passwords.

You can find here the recording of the webinar:

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