sabato 5 agosto 2017

MMVC17- Improve Classroom Culture with Mindfullness

5th  August

Improve Classroom Culture with  Mindfullness  - 
Speaker  Dr. Nellie  Deutsch

Saturday 5th August was an interesting afternoon spent at home as I could  see the great webinar where  Dr. Nellie Deutsch presented  Mindfullness  Practice Techniques.
Based on her knowledge about Mindfullness she made us reflect about these techniques that can
help us in class and how we can  deal with stressful situations.
I think that every teacher should be trained to know more about these techniques. Our learners could benefit from what we do with them and  the level of satisfaction and happiness would increase.
We had a nice interaction online with  Dr. Nellie who explained in a very clear way what she meant by Mindfullness and how it can help us.
She focussed on the ideas of Positive  Emotions which are part of this Practice.

The examples which she described were related to people who have reached  the goals by practicing Mindfulness. It was interesting to think about how we can change our  attitudes and reach levels of Acceptance and  Resilience.

In class Mindfullness can help us work in a more " relaxed way":

This webinar was really "cool" as I was given good ideas and we connected with the speaker and also the people who were following the webinar.
I had no questions for the speaker but I thought that the presentation was relevant to me as often I feel I cannot work well and I need a more relaxed way of working.
I thought that I should start learning  more about  this practice. I had read about Mindfullness but this was for individuals while the focus here was also on our way of working in class. The event provided me with some ideas about how I could work with my students if I could start following this way of working based on Mindfullness.
The challenges would not be at school but in myself as I am  often focussed on content and exams while I often forget that well-being should be one of the main objectives in my learning and also in my role of educator.
One thing that I could do is to start enquiring about  Mindfullness in education and if  they run a Mooc about it I am sure that I might  enrol.
I will read and check online as  Dr. Nellie Deutsch provided us with some sources.
Meanwhile I have already searched and found some interesting documents about Mindfullness and also  students:

                                     Free resources online

Check the recording of  the webinar online: 


Thank you to  Dr. Nellie for  providing us with these interesting  ideas about   Mindfullness!!

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