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MMVC17 - Spice Up your Lessons with interactive Tools

4th August

The Webinar " Spice Up your Lessons with interactive Tools" was presented by  Sibel Taskin Simsek on 4th August. I was on line and I could appreciate the activity presented by her.

         The main focus of the webinar was on showing how some webtools can be used to enhance  learning. The speaker presented  Neapord  and  Edpuzzle.
I connected with the speaker and people who were online but I was not able to try Neapord. What I saw online was a short introduction to what you can do and I really liked the idea of creating lessons which can be reached by using any device from tablets, to smartphones and computers.
I am familiar with Edpuzzle but  I thought that it was a good  idea to present this tool as it offers many features.  Flipping  lessons by using this  powerful  tool for showing  videos with questions can really help language learners , and not only language  learners.
I had no specific questions when  watching the webinar , I only thought that today technology can empower teachers who can  personalize learning and focus on skills which were  neglected in the past .
The content was related to my EFL activities as I have already started to work in a blended learning way.
When I saw the presentation I thought that today we can do more and  work better , as a result  learners can achieve their goals. I felt happy and  I liked the idea of  seeing what language  input can be offerred  now , while in the past we worked only  with texts and the students' interaction was always neglected .

I will try to use Neapord and will continue  using  Edpuzzle as it is one of my favourite tools. I will also try to teach how to use them in my school as most of the educators I work with are not familiar with them or are afraid of technology.
The next challenges are just a few: I will continue working on  web 2.0 tools and  will discover new ones.
In the future I would like to continue my search into new  tools like these ones as  my students need more interaction and also more  ways for doing  listening exercises when working from home.
I have no questions to aks but  I would say that it would be nice to have some  more webinars like the one we saw as it was simple and easy to follow  and we could interact together .

Thanks to  Sebel!! 

Here is a tutorial about  Neapord which I found online

Here is the  videorecording of the webinar which I think should be shared with other speakers 

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