mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

TES a useful tool for creating lessons online

TES : how to create lessons online in just a few minutes
It is one of the  fastest tools for creating lessons and you can choose  how to create lessons for your  students by using images, videos and adding your  texts.
I just tried it last week and after having checked my account was working I could work on the lesson by using the tool online which helps you look for  resources which you can use in your  lesson plan.
It took me less than ten minutes.  Good quality and good materials online.
Once  you are ready you can share it with your  students or embed it on your website.

Why  should everybody try it?
It's fast and it is free. You can also find a lot of materials which are  shared by other  educators. Sharing is caring and so you can  find  a lot of materials which you can use or also pay for. What I liked was the idea of integrating the lessons with  Google Drive too. 

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