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Tips on Using TED talks in your ELL- Moodle Mooc 7

MM7: Tips on Using TED talks in your ELL lessons with Judy Wong

Sunday 8th November  2015
My reflections on the  webminar.
This is going to be my first reflection on the MOODLE MOOC webinars  that I am doing. The choice for this webinar, which I did by watching a recorded video, as I was busy at school, is  mainly due to the fact that as a teacher of English I have always searched for interesting videos and clips to use with my students of English. Ted talks are my favourite ones. 
The webinar took place on 8th November and it was presented by Judy Wong.
I regularly receive updating from the  section of TED lessons  and think  that  TED is  really great and teachers are working on talks to bring them into the lessons to make the learning  environment  engaging and  more interesting.
The webinar started with the presentation of Judy Wong who is not only a teacher but also a performing artist and a writer.
I liked the slide presenting her with these words:

"We are teachers as well as students and our students are our teachers"

Links to  TED and  web pages related to TED

Ideas from the  presenter when  using  TED talks.
These are mainly based on the presenter who seems to be a caring teacher and someone who teaches by loving what she does:

  • think about your students ( adults/children? what are their interests?)
  • think about the theme of the lesson
  • think about the objective of the lesson ( grammar? speaking?)
For language learners there are  plenty of lessons with also Grammar videos where students can also have fun too.
TED talks are good  for Listening:
- main  ideas
- supporting  details
-  inferences
-   grammar
TED  talks  and   READING  SKILLS:
Transcripts can also be used to focus on the language/words. Videos have transcripts which can help the students while they are watching the videos.
When reading the transcripts we can work on many levels:
 -  key ideas
 -  details
 -  find  interferences
 -  key  grammar points
 -  compare  spoken language and written language 

Ted talks can be  used in writing for many interesting activities, these are the ideas presented in the webinar: 
  • talking as   prompt
  • talking to research further
  • setting up argumentative essays  or debates 
If you do not have access to internet, you can use  transcripts for activities like reading, speaking skills and identifying grammar points.

I agree with what the speaker has said who uses the videos by thinking deeply about what she wants to do in class. I would also add that TED offers great videos and interesting topics that can help us develop better lessons.

This is Judy's  Blog:

The presentation she made can be retrieved from :

You can learn more from her if you are on Linkedin:

I also checked  with Google and found these interesting suggestions shared by teachers:
Some people who wrote about  TED Talks and English language learning

and now the next reflection on ..........................

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