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Promoting Digital Citizenship through Edmodo

MM7   Promoting  Digital Citizenship through Edmodo

Sunday 29  November 2015

This evening   I watched  the  great  presentation in the webminar on line which was carried out  by Sophia Mavridi.
She is a  great and  engaging presenter who shared her experience on Edmodo and she made some examples of the use of it.

Edmodo is a safe virtual platform that  can be used by teachers to promote DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP  and how to use  technology.
We all know that technology has entered our everyday life and students need to be
" equipped" to know how to deal with their safety online and privacy.
I have not used Edmodo yet but  I know that  it has a lot of  great supporters.
This is the video she suggested seeing as our  students are connected most of the time and should know that they might risk losing their  privacy.
What I learnt while she  presented  Edmodo and how useful it can be :
- Edmodo is  a Learning  Platform where  students and teachers can share notes, links, files and resources.
- Teachers create   virtual classroom and students  can  participate in online discussions, view grades and communicate with teachers and students
She made us see an activity online carried out by her students  dealing with the topic  digital footprint.
- Edmodo can be useful because we have a  DIGITAL COMMUNITY and then we can think about it.
- We can interact online, we can choose when we want to interact, the teacher can save time too.
Students can share  links, files and documents and they can learn and think about  copyright, plagiarism.
An interesting  activity suggested is   the  WEBQUEST. This is an example of what she presented :
- The teacher should  develop fair  use skills and introduce  Creative Commons  License .
I agree that these are the main skills our  students should be  able to have as we are responsible for what they can do and what they might risk if they  do not have  a correct use of the digital tools in real life.
- Edmodo can be used to communicate with parents, in addition it send alerts and reminders for students .
It is a great webtool which is helpful and creates a real learning environment for families and their  students.
The presenter has made a good presentation and  I think that I might try Edmodo with one class, the problem is that not everybody in my  class has internet. But  I  hope I will try it , maybe next year. I would really like to have it to share materials with my students!!
To the next webinars....................................

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