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Even Taking Risks Benefit Students The Pros and Cons of Being an Innovative Educator

MM7 "  Even taking  Risks benefit Students "
Friday 27  November 2015

The webinar took place this evening- 27 November 2015-and I could follow it online. The presenter was Fabiana Laura Casella : she is a passionate EFL teacher from Argentina.

She is an active and engaged teacher who loves sharing ideas,
trying new  learning experiences  and  has in interest in her students. 
In the  webinar she  described her life experience as an educator who is engaged in " self-development", " sharing experiences" and is  trying  to find " new ways  in teaching".

She has experienced working as a teacher abroad also and she is  a connected educator. 

Like me she loves learning and I could appreciate what she has done: she mentioned  Shelly  Sanchez Terrell as the teacher who inspired her:

What  Shelly and Fabiana have in common is the idea that teaching is in progress and under  construction: we never stop learning and devising new activities. We are now connected and we can take part in international events and learn more and more.


She has presented what she has been doing and she has focussed on blogging as  an activity for teachers and also for learners.

When you start a new approach you need to think about it and start writing a blog is good way for  being reflective and being an innovator. And students will benefit from these activities as well. 

Students can learn from new learning activities: you just try and then you continue working and you develop a competence that is really important for life. The real world should part of our  teaching. 

She mentioned  Twitter, skype, social networks for creating new experiences. I agree with her that we need to devise new teaching ideas so that our  students of English can learn more.

I have seen that Fabiana is a " great researcher" who has  links with today's world.

For this reason she suggested working with SKYPE, teaching by using social networks.

Taking a risk, this is what she suggested and  I  think that although I teach in a learning environment that does not offer many tools for teachers and students,we  should all try to create  more communicative and engaging activities.

I will be following FABIANA on Twitter: I have been a connected educator and I  love  learning from the others.

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