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Blended Learning week 3 FutureLearn autumn 2015

Blended Learning -  Week  3                                             November 2015
                                          OPEN TOOLS

I am writing now about this week- it is the third one- with some delay  as I was busy working online  for other activities.
These are the main  issues presented in the  MOOC: 

- we  have been given information about   many tools, most of which  I am familiar with:

WordPress, Prezi, Audacity, Google tools, Padlet and Thinglink .

I think that they are really useful and I have appreciated their use in my lessons and also in embedding them or  providing the links to my students.
I have not used Wordpress  for blogging and writing online but I know that most of the  teachers have now used it. For recording audios I use  another tool, but I know that  Audacity is one of the best.
I know about the importance of a suite like  Google as I have done some webinars online and  I am providing this presentation online to show how  Google Sheets  can work:

Google has also a translator tool:

You can also find  Google stuff online, just check  here:

More information about other  tools can be  found on this  useful site :

Google Hangout on Air

I missed the  Q&A  session but I could watch the video on line thanks  to the modern technology:
 this is the  link, I have embedded the video: 

The following padlet is a good presentation of what we have shared online:

This is part of my summary about this week , based on what I saw and think it is very important

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