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EFL Talks with Rob Howard

MM7: EFL Talks with Rob Howard

The webinar took place on 6th November and the presenter was Rob Howard.
Rob Howard is a teacher, tutor and writer of English and he is the founder of  EFL Talks
I checked online and found also his blog

I had never checked the website he presented, but I did it this morning and  I could see that it provides help and sharing experience for teachers, for anyone who has just started teaching or needs to be connected and work on self-development. It must be a great way for being in contact with teachers from all over the world  and meeting people online who like me are eager at learning. It is a great community and it is run by teachers!
The topic of presentation were:
PLN  Personal Learning Network
CPD  Continuing  Professional Development
TD     Teacher Development
I know most of the definitions because I have done a lot of MOOCs and courses for teachers and I belong to those who work on keeping updated. Like Rob I have problems with time but I am engaged in working on my self-development in my free time.
What Rob has devised is a way for making videos/webinars available by making them shorter so that teachers can work on them in a shorter time. Usually, webinars are long and are planned at night or at times when we work and so we miss them. Working and having to commute is really hard for me but now I have found an interesting website that can help me:

There is also a youtube channel which has been set up by him:

The ideas and the things I have  learnt are now part of what I am doing and must say that people like him have made my teaching more interesting because I have learnt that I am not alone but I am working with  other teachers and learning from the others. This is also the message that I have received from other great thinkers in TEFL and modern technology.

Thanks for the nice  webinar and I  am looking  forward to following him  and the nice activities he is sharing with us!

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