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MOODLE MOOC 7 November 2015

November 2015                    Moodle Mooc   7

Reflecting on   Moodle Mooc   7

Thanks to Nellie Deutsch I was able to start a MOOC course about  MOODLE in November. I was late as I had worked on more  Moocs and I was busy with my new classes this year. But I could not resist and just started late , it was the second week but I could catch up. And now I have done most of the activities.
This is the link to the program

 I had done some  lessons online in August and I had already used  Moodle as a beginner. I had also  used Moodle as a learner as I had  done two online courses thanks to ZANICHELLI in Italy. But I wanted to try to work on it again.


Dr. Nellie Deutsch is founder of Integrating Technology and Moodle for Teachers (M4T) social learning networks. She organizes MOOCs, Moodle training, online conferences, webinars and teaching with technology as a way to learn. She is a blended and e-learning expert and is the author of Instructor Experiences with Implementing Technology in Blended Learning Courses.
She has set up her youtube channel

The course is well-planned and it helps Teachers work on Moodle while following  webminars and sharing ideas too.

You can find  a  presentation of the Mooc  on the webpage  or by seeing the  video on the Youtube:

In the next days I will write about what I have seen and learnt by watching the webminars mainly in the recorded sessions as I was not at home to watch them while they were  presented online.  Some interesting sessions and what I saw was really worth seeing.

Tiziana Angiolini    21 November  2015

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