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MM7: Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher training with Vance Stevens

MM7: Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher training with Vance Stevens
Sunday 29  November  2015

This afternoon  I was able to follow some webinars presented in the MM7 which started on 1st November.Most of them were recorded. My internet connection did not work in the afternoon -yesterday -so I had to look for help. Now I have a new wifi connection - mobile - and I can work online. I have started working online again.
Today I was able to watch the presentation by  VANCE  STEVEN who is a great " master" in today's education and online education.
His presentation focussed on MINECRAFT and  he made a nice  slice describing  his ideas about the way we can teach and learn, and this post  is  about  what he told us.
First he spoke about the communities of practice and the approaches to knowledge transferal and generation. I must confess that what he talked about was new to me, I have worked online for over 10 years but I discovered the Moocs only three years ago.
He then presented the C-Moocs in EVO and what was interesting for me was the final point of his presentation: he talked about C-Mooc  approach in gamification and he invited us to join the EVOMC16 .        As a Language  teacher I know that  teaching can happen in many different ways and gamification is getting more and more important.
  This is the slide he shared with us and which I shared on Twitter as I feel that more teachers should know about his ideas. 

Important  ideas

Some  key ideas he shared were related to  MINECRAFT and I must confess that it is difficult for me to think about using games but the presenter made me think that I should take gaming into consideration and check information about Minecraft.

Language teaching could really benefit from using  games and perhaps also teachers who work online  might have a new approach when teaching online and in face-to-face interactions.

I searched the web and checked Vance Stevens and his website: I found this link which is worth  seeing

I am going to watch the webinar where  Vance  presented  MINECRAFT and how it can help teachers who are interested in  their professional development.

My plans and intentions
I am not sure if I can work online and take part in the EVOMC16 but I might  try: I only need more  free afternoons  and evenings when  I can work well . This autumn has been so busy that I had to work also at night to finish my activities. But I will check and see more. 

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