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How open is open

22nd November 
MM7  Webinar   "How  open is open" by  Doctor EBBA  OSSIANNILSON

Today- 22nd November  2015 - Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson has  discussed the issue  “How open is open”. The introduction on the presentation  was clear : "What do we really mean with open and opening up education? What about challenges and consequences? What about let the learner take the lead?".
I could see the webinar online, today is Sunday and I had some free time to watch  what I am interested in.
The presenter is  Ebba Ossiannilsson and loves  talking and  presenting the issue of  OPEN EDUCATION. She is a Swedish professor who loves her job and education.
She has presented her ideas and  a lot of information about education, free education and more. This is the screenshot from her presentation where she defines  open education:

On the whole, I liked the ideas she presented about  making " education" open and free to most learners in the world.
What we can do today is a real change in education: " learning can now happen everywhere ". This is one of the reasons why I also like online learning and  most the MOOCs I am doing online. 
It is also important to talk about the quality of courses and online teaching. 

Interesting links or points covered in the presentation by the Swedish presenter:
Why open education? It matters for us as individuals. We need it to work, to live in other places, to collaborate. 
We can choose, base our education on platforms available from everywhere.
Technology can help us.
Today we have the so called open movement that provides us with lots of free resources. They are due to technology and collaboration online and the work of many people who believe in open education.

Why is it important?
Because in education we  can share ideas, things and everything is free.
LINKS:   this in an interesting website for free courses and open education  and resources

Examples of open education links:   to recognize  and verify learning  This website is from the European Union and provides helps for educators, information and links to weblinks and materials shared by teachers.

What  have I learnt?
There is a new world and a great community of  people working in different fields and they are working thanks to the new technology.
We can learn from the others, so I liked what the presenter left in the final  part of the presentation. CARING IS SHARING! This is also my motto: we have a great " Movement " that is changing our institutions too. The revolution in education  has just begun.

To the next  webinar .......................................

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