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Webinar  held on 13th  December 2015

Last Sunday I could see the final webinar presented in the MOOC course which was in November and which I finished after doing some online activities using  MOODLE and  watching webinars.
The event  was a sort of a general overview about the importance of online connections.
The Mooc course which I did was a great experience online in terms of personal reflections, learning from the others and sharing ideas and opinions about the new way of learning that  MOOCs and online courses can now offer us.
The Professor of the MOOC , Nellie  Deutsch, presented her long list of events which she had done, from the beginnings when she started  working online. The main focus was on the relationships and the  connections that we can establish also by working online thanks to the use of modern technologies.

I have been working online for some years now, mainly with MOOC courses and I have also worked online by following some courses for my professional development.  In most cases what I liked was the idea of getting in touch with people who were doing a similar course like me and were interested in learning. I could interact with  people online and use the forums for asking help and for finding new ideas and sharing links, online materials.  

Webinars can be a really engaging online experience: you can follow them from your home at anytime of the day while you are doing something else at home.  You can listen to the speaker  and  in many cases you can speak to him/her if they ask you to take part in the webinar.  This is a very nice way for talking to many people and getting to know them too. I have done  webinars for over 4 years,mainly in ELT and  in new technologies and I must admit that I have made some  friends online. I have not met them but like Nellie Deutsch  said in the webinar, in some way when you talk to people that you have been familiar with online, you establish a close relationship that has to do with your interests and you will meet them virtually in many other webinars.

This has happened to me when doing webinars  by following   SimpleK 12, OUP webinars ,    and on Saturday afternoon I am used to following my afternoon tea webinars  thanks to  LIVE CLASSROOM 20 COM

I agree with the ideas expressed in the webinar, it is a new way for learning and getting engaged but it is something we should all become familiar with. Because the world of education is changing and is undergoing changes.
I wish to thank the teachers who worked in the MOOC and shared their ideas in the webinars which were presented by Nellie Deutsch and also the teachers who took part in the MOOC as attendees.
It is an international community that embraces  different languages, cultures and educators but what is in common is the use of the English language, the idea of discussing and sharing ideas and a great love for teaching and learning.
I will continue  learning and I am going to become a more active learner as I have learnt so much from educators who  have given me " input" and " new ideas" in the world of  Education.

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