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Culture of Learning Transformative

MM7   Culture of  Learning Transformative 

Sunday  29  November  2015

I watched this webinar online   presented by   Halina  Ostankowicz.
She offered an interesting overview about culture, and about the way it is changing or rather  it has changed as we have been influenced by the new technologies in education too.
She has created a vision of learning for the future that is developing and is achievable. People  grow up in a new  world which is in relationship to technology   and  they can learn in a different way, furthermore, they can also become more engaged.  And I must add that this is important as we are asked to continue learning through our life. 
Some key ideas expressed in the webinar:

 The main issues in the webinar were the  ideas of culture and learning, thus, she presented  the concept of  Transformative Learning Culture:

The new and innovative way for providing a better  learning  experience is the  FLIPPED CLASSROOM:

Education is not the old school and it is a virtual learning environment together with the old school where the learner is more and more important and he/she is the great " player". They can choose and become " more engaged".

For more information you can also watch this video which was shared by the presenter of the webinar.

Link to the video online which I have embedded

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