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Teaching to different learner styles

MM7: Teaching to different learner types with presenter  Marjorie Rosenberg    
                                                                   21st November 2015
The journey into my reflections on the webinars is continuing this week 

I could see this webinar online  which took place on 21st November  2015.
Marjorie Rosenberg has made a great presentation about the ways we can teach by taking into consideration the different  students we are teaching. It is sometimes difficult to cope with differences but we do need to.  I have already done a MOOC course  about this topic and I found her analysis and her tips really great and very helpful for any teacher who needs to face " differences among learners".
If we know our learners we can make our teaching and approaches more aimed at them:
An important definition she  presented was for   KINESTETIC EMOTIONAL LEARNERS : these learners need " to put their emotions aside".
I am a teacher who  is  " kinestetic and emotional" and thus  I relate learning to real-life experience and I never sit, most of my activities are based on movement and physical activities, I also love pair work. I want my students to think and do.
When planning activities we do need to take into consideration that our learners are different and thus we do need to cope with their learning styles and find the best ways for helping them learn.

Reflecting on what we carry out in class and in during our activities is,therefore, the great message that the presenter has left us: there is no perfect lesson or activity. It is up to us to think about the best ways for enhancing learning.  

The slide and the video will help you find your best ways for learning! Thanks to the presenter who made such an interesting presentation.

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