giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Trello for Community Building

MM7: Introducing Trello for Community Building with Mbarek Akaddar
Webinar held on 22nd November  2015
The webinar recording can be  accessed online :

Like many other webinars I have watched in the Moodle Mooc course which I did - MM7, the one about Trello was the introduction to an interesting tool on line, free and  useful:
The presenter made a clear explanation of its use and showed how it could work. It is a system that enables you to organize your work in a collaborative way.  

             What  Trello is
                        -   a   collaboration and management  tool that organizes  projects into teams
                -   a   board

You need to register in order to work on it: and then you can see how to organize the board.
                -   create a board and then a list
                -   people who are in the list need to have registered and have  an account too 

The following picture is a screenshot of the presentation online- the tool can be used with any device:

How you can organize the board 

   It is also possible to have a link with Google Calendar for planning activities

                                               VIDEO TUTORIAL ONLINE

Are there other  tools like Trello ? Yes, check online  and you will find more

For more details and find other  tools, most need a subscription with a payment:

The tool seems to be nice to use but I realize that it requires a good internet connection and people who are willing to work online. Ideally it could be an interesting tool for working with adults. I like the idea of the boards but in my teaching situation I could not work with my students and I need a tool which is simpler to use and does not require any registration. But I will try to see how it works, maybe I could plan an activity my students could work on. 

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