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The Magic of iFrame MM7 Reflecting on the webinar

MM7                 The Magic of iFrame
The webinar took place on 5th November 2015 and  the  presenter was  Dr. Rachel Sale.

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Using the power of embedded content can help organize your lesson content and increase student engagement in your online classroom.  I have started embedding my presentations online in my websites and blogs so I was curious to learn more. And she explained what I am using now when I am working online. Some  ideas to teach our students  so that they can also work online.

The presenter explained how she began, she had not been trained to become an online teacher. But now she can work online by using videos, social media.  She is an expert in instructional design.  
What she showed us were simple ideas that belong to a specific language of the web, based on HTML.

Key ideas  for educators and teachers  expressed by the speaker in the webinar:

- create your own content
- think about the potentiality of Youtube

- use the web and move it into your class page
- embed anything that is in the web  based on html 
- google slides can be embedded into a slideshow, many activities in the google suite can be now used in your teaching situations and also in many LMS

  -  share documents, files, pictures, videos 

Useful  links for learning about   Iframe :

In this page I have not used videos but I could have added a video and in this case I would have used the Iframe to embed it,

Thanks for the lesson, I have learnt something more about a language which is new to me but  I have used in my websites, blogs and also in many courses online on Moodle.  

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