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Kahoot and Socrative as Online Tools for Testing MM7

MM7: Kahoot and Socrative as Online Tools for Testing with Marijana Smolčec

The webinar was presented by Marijana Smolcec on Sunday 22nd November 2015.
I could not follow the presentation but I watched the recording online. Link to the webinar
I could learn a lot about two tools which are new to me and might be interesting for my students, especially the ones who are very lazy or do not love learning  English.

Features of the tools presented:

they are free, they are easy to use and students can have fun.

The first web link is for teachers who need to register, the other is for students.

You can ask questions but also you can add videos and share the quiz or send the link.

You can only have  multiple choice questions and if internet doesn't work it is a problem to use it.

Videos online can be seen to see how Kahoot can be engaging:

For further information about the tools write to or get in contact with the presenter:   

The presentation was great and I think that Kahoot could work with my students of English, what I liked was the idea of not having to register the students. Only the teacher has to do it and this makes the tool a great one for checking not only content but also grammar. I only wonder what might happen in a class if the internet does not work. You need to be ready with a warm-up activity and this implies that you need to plan carefully your lessons. But it might be worth trying it. We might all have some fun while using English.  

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