domenica 9 ottobre 2016

Competences for the 21st Century Schools

Teaching in the XXI  century

I have just finished the Mooc which was run by the European Platform  Schooleducationgateway.
It was an engaging activity online where I had to read and to watch videos about the issue of 21st century skills and education today.
I have learnt from the other teachers and we have shared ideas and learnt together: we are a community of  teachers who are learning and we are trying to better education in our countries.

Here you can find  the hashtag which they had on Twitter.

I have also written my learning diary about what I have learnt.  I am still learning and I feel that I will have to work on rubrics and  new  tasks to work with my students.
In particular we have to work on activities that develop specific  skills while at school we still teach content and students do not work on their knowledge and work on projects  like  PBL activities.
It is important to develop the skills the students will require at work and when they become older as today what we learn at school is not always useful in the working environment.
Critical thinking, creativity, learning how to work in team, making  decision and collaborating are just some of the competences which we need to teach our learners. Today we are more aware of the complexities of the society and the use of new web tools can also enhance our learning.

I am still  trying to better my knowledge and I hope I will become  a  21st century  teacher!!

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