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Cultural Diversity in your Classroom Reflections 2

What I have learnt in the last two weeks

I will post my lessons and projects for the MOOC which is going to finish by 2nd October. We need to find strategies that help our learners to think about the importance of dialogue and being open to other cultures. This is really important as more and more societies do not seem to be  ready to integrate and learn from other cultures.

We are human beings and the recent events dealing with a huge number of refugees and immigrants moving to Europe are the biggest problems in our societies. Wars and economic  problems are influencing our choices: Europe, the USA and other  countries are facing such problems and the solutions are often building " walls" to stop the invasions from people who are just escaping and trying to find a place where to live. We should not be afraid . However, many people are afraid of diversity, some are old while others are very young and are against integration because they feel that people are threatening our " society" and " our way of living". 

I like to think of the poem by John Donne who wrote " No man is an Island": we need to design tasks, to work on projects to teach our  learners that

                         No man is an Island

You can read the poem online too:

I have collected my favourite websites which have inspired me in designing my lessons:

promoting respect for cultural diversity is one of the main objectives we should all share -

see article online

Here is my  Thinglink with the most important web links which I have used for planning and learning about best practices and tips:
Here is my learning diary where I have shared what I have done in the last two weeks:in  the next post I  will describe my lessons/module.

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