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I am following  an interesting  MOOC on line  dealing with the new WEB 2.0  TOOLS.  You can find more information about it by  following this link:

The course which is organized by  COURSERA  has  just started and it provides us with more information about  the WEB 2.0. 
I must confess that  I am eager to learn more because  students need to be engaged while they are learning and   teachers should try to be  good  facilitators and follow their  interests!!
This week  I had to think about  one of the many web 2.0 tools which can be used for getting in touch  with  students, families and also when working  with classes. ( MODULE ABOUT  TOOLS FOR COMMUNICATION)

I had to analalyze a lot of interesting tools but some seemed to be too " difficult to use"; the topic was  how to communicate and  I thought that my  TWITTER account could help me to be connected with my students and to provide   them with help in a fast way. I must admit that  I  use Twitter  to be in touch with people  who work in ELT and  for some webminars which I am following on line. In some way it is good for  self-development and professional development on line.
Also the MOOCS  that I am doing  have a TWITTER  account and I usually check their tweets.

I was right  when I thought  about  this  idea of Twitter  and when I  saw last week's conference on line  with young and  good students who  presented their  activities while using  twitter, I told myself  that working with students needs changes also in Italy:  please follow this  link

All the  webminars were run by students and  I was able to follow an interesting  presentation  
by  students who  clearly said that  SOCIAL NETWORKS like  TWITTER  can help classroom activities.

I have uploaded my  video presentation for  COURSERA this week and   I would like to know which other tools can be used by  students and teachers.  For sure  you may mention  Face Book and also  GOOGLE.
Twitter is nice and good because you  need one account, an e-mail and a password and then you  can tweet or follow  hashtags(#). A good teacher needs to know that  Twitter can be followed by most of his/her students since they just need a  computer or a smart phone.

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