venerdì 27 febbraio 2015

My mini-action research project presentation


What you can see now is my mini-action research project.
I teach English in a secondary school in ITALY: I teach general ENGLISH  and also  ENGLISH for BUSINESS and  for BUILDING and CONSTRUCTIONS.

The project is aimed at my 5th year class of students of  BUILDING and CONSTRUCTIONS.
Their level of English is lower intermediate but they are required to  make presentations in English and they are used to working together for school projects in many school subjects.

They are going to be guided by me in making presentations on line about  architecture and great Masters of Architecture of the XX-XXI century.

The teacher sets rules about   TIME for on line presentations and WHO/WHAT they are going to present by using  Google.
They need to have  an internet access from home and  a Gmail account.
They already know how to use e-mails and  GOOGLE-DRIVE.
They will have to work in groups  by collaborating and using  Google for their presentations. They need to be able to use 
GOOGLE Drive, GOOGLE Docs and  GOOGLE presentations.
The teacher will follow their  activities on line : 4 people in each group . In my class there are only 16 students and so it will be easy for me to monitor them and how they are making progress. I might have to make  a lot of suggestions and help them  with their English descriptions in the slides.
Google Presentations is good : you can write texts, use images for your  presentations by using  Google and  also adding  VIDEOs from the YOUTUBE.

The research will be guided by the TEACHER who will provide them with websites to use while they are searching on line for more information.

Possible problems:
-  internet cannot  be  fast and not everywhere in my area  they can work well and they are expected to work from home in the afternoon
- not everybody can work well with schoolmates
- students need to know how they will be assessed 

What's next?
If the presentations on line can work well I will continue working by using  presentations on line so that they are more engaged and like what they are doing, maybe next time I will make  presentations by using   Thiglink or Prezi and teach them how they work. Since  Google is free and  quite easy to use  I decided to use it.  As a teacher I like the way it can integrate a lot of  tools.

My presentation on line explains  how I have started to work and what type of problems may come to my mind in the next weeks. For sure I would like to have their presentations on line and presented in my blog or  in the school website.  

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