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#ADBledMOOC Weeks2-3-4 and final considerations

  MOOC Course : what  I  learnt  this year

Reflecting on my learning path as a life long learning  teacher................. into the modern technologies

The Mooc took place in the first part of the year 2015 but what I did in the next months was also based on the interesting ideas I came across while doing this Mooc.First of all I did more Moocs on  new technologies, web 2.0 tools and digital skills.

I  followed the course " ADVENTURES IN BLENDED LEARNING" but it was  so rich in terms of news, links and special guests meetings on line that I could not  cope with all the deadlines.  Working at school and  doing a Mooc with  lots of  deadlines makes your life very busy, with  6  classes and  more than  100 students you feel that  it is too hard to follow what has been  going on.

What I liked : the interesting  videos and the people  who shared their ideas about  a different type of   work for teachers and  also  students.   There is a new  world that  is  going to change the world of  education as we have  seen it so far.

Most of the experiences are based on an American  situation and the context that was  different from mine. First of all, they have more technology in schools  and more money is invested in education.

However,  I have learnt  that  also  in Europe and  in most  countries the great  shift has  begun.

                      INTERESTING VIDEOS  ON LINE
I liked  Catlin Tucker's interview and her enthusiasm for  making lessons more engaging.   I feel that  as educators we should all bring more into our Learning environment and  she has done  great  work.
Her motto : " THINK   BIG , START  SMALL!"

Carri Schneider - Director of Policy : interview on 26  January  2015

Dr. Anthony  Picciano : someone who   knows a lot  and  can   suggest something for  studying and  getting  into   BLENDED  LEARNING   
Good ideas about  collaborative  Learning and  use of  blogs for   sharing   ideas  
                                                                                                                            (14 January 2015)                                                                                                          

      Moocs    and Blended Learning    
Jeff  Sandefer: an interview

Self-Blended Learning?  Towards a new  route

The end of the journey: I was a bit late  but I managed to post two activities online and got 100% for each one. I think I should say  we have now reached the beginning of new learning   time where  students and  learners are   more important.

What am I going to do in order to face the new year  ?  To look back and see what nice  experiences there are  and try  to  build the first step for  new projects  for my  students.  This year I am working in a more difficult situation and my expectations are not similare to the ones I had two years ago..............                   
I am sure that the new technologies will help me to develop  learning paths where my students can be more engaged and where  Learning  does not only depend on me but on their  interests and choices   to be  better learners .
Thank you  to the people who  shared their  ideas  in the course and to  Dr. Bernard Bull......................    I will continue  my journey into the new planet of  education!!!     

"...... if educators can instill in students that learning is about the process of doing the work and not about the grade, they are sure to hold students’ attention. "

Jeff James - assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction at Montgomery County Schools in Troy, NC.

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