venerdì 20 aprile 2018

Ebooks and education

Some years ago I took a course about  how to create my ideal ebook. I was helped by a  team of  educators who were  working with Shelly Terrell in an EVO session.

This experience online  marked my  CPD and I could see some great works and  learnt about the best tips .

Today I presented at Lend in Reggio Emilia  what we can call a summary of the best  ebooks and   the  platforms for creating ebooks. It is a long list of  tools which are changing our way of working and can help us develop our own  materials.

In the last two months I tried to find more  platforms but I also realized the  service might be  poor quality in terms of what they offerred.

The website which I created online is part of my  CPD and it contains links and  examples of what we mean by creating ebooks.   These can be  read online, have  links to other  sources, documents and can be downloaded too. Not all platforms enable you to do this.

Here is the link to the website:

The presentation online is based on the website and it contains many  examples of what you can do.

First of all, you will need to think about what you want to create.   Your  research will be  based on
the content, the images and the links you want to provide for assessing  sources

Ebooks and their use and creation in education- prof. Tiziana Angiolini Lend Reggio Emilia 20 aprile 2018 from TIZIANA ANGIOLINI

It is important  to plan and  to be able to try new tools. I feel that  more  teachers should   become aware of  what we can find online for free.  Not  only tools but also  materials created  by educators and  their learners.

Just check on line  what I have  shared in my website and presentation  at Lend in  Reggio Emilia.

Here is my video presentation to let you know that you  can manage.

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