domenica 1 aprile 2018

Easter Resources online

While searching online in the  last few days I came across these interesting  resouces which I am going to use or might use in class.
Some are images, visual input which can provide content for learning and speaking. Most of them are shared by educators  in their posts on social networks.

I am sharing them online as I feel that today free resources and  lots of documents can be used or adapted for any lesson plan dealing with the topic and also history and English lessons.

Anthippi from  Greece  shared her ebook created by using an interesting  app- I wish to thank  her as we have been doing a lot of courses online and she's suggested  useful  tips and ideas for enhancing our teaching:

Some quotes and  tweets can also help us reflect  as educators and  how to  help our  learners become   responsible citizens of  this world: here is one which I have found  " encouraging " and         " useful" for our  learners: we do teach  English and other  subjects but  we are  educators and  need to help  think  deeply-

A lot of images with cards are available online and they can be used for describing images in English  language  lessons. Just check the source and provide the right credit.

A Happy Easter. (36) (NBY 420700)

Link to the  image on Wikimedia

There are many more  resources online and teachers just need to focus on what  skills they  want their  students to enhance.

More Resources

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