venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

Digital Summit December 2017 (2)

Day 5  19th  December 2017

Sarah  Thomas - How to learn from  a world of  educators

Sarah Thomas explained how  social networks like Twitter made her learn about  ideas and technology and she started to work together with  other  educators to enhance  learning and teaching by using  modern  technology.
In order to know more about the network and her PLN  you should check these  links :     you can  download free ebooks from the web site : they provide  examples of  what educators are sharing.

What hashtags to follows :


Here are the replies of some educators to her  engaging conference: check the flipgrid 
More events were held online , I am going to write more in the next days.

Day 6  20th  December 2017

Plan Smarter , not  Harder with Edu-protocols  by   John Corippo

Day 7  21st  December 2017

How to make   Learning  a  Game

Day 8  22nd   December  2017
Chrome Book: Crash course : what you need

Day 9  23rd  December   2017
What schools can learn from Start-up  culture

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