venerdì 22 dicembre 2017

Blogging : a course for Teachers

Great  news:  Learning about   BLOGGING - A New  Course starting in January

I did some webinars about blogging  some years  ago.  I started using  Blogger and also Edublogs for my  online  activities as I felt I should  try to work in a different  way.

I am looking forward to learning more  in the next weeks.  I would like to share this great  opportunity for  learning about   blogging with students.  I have just  started a blog where I post some activities but  I have not  used  it as a class blog.
I hope I will be able to learn about better ways for blogging.  

Meanwhile I will check some  more tips and ideas for blogging in ELT.  I have read and learnt  a lot about new ways of teaching and working online :

For more information about the course  starting on 15th January  check the blog online

Resources for ELT

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