giovedì 18 maggio 2017

MM10 Week 3 Blocks available to a Manager


This week we learnt a lot - these were the main objectives: 
  • Teaming up for the collaborative courses
  • Discuss the role of a manager of a school and in a Moodle course
  • Explore Moodle Tools in the  Manager  Practice  Area ( MPA)
  • Document the blocks available Moodle MOOC 10 main course area as a student.
  • Document the blocks available in the MPA as a manager of the course by showing how to add blocks. 
  • Work in teams to design a course.
  • Document the steps and reflect on the process using screencast-o-matic and publish the recording on Youtube or Vimeo. 
We had to work on the TEAMWORK POLICY DOCUMENT as we were a Group: we followed  Nives and created ours.  I had to choose and work on the theme which had been suggested by one teacher in the Moodle. We started working together. 
    Here is the video showing you what we created as a team in week 3-4: you will find  the descriptions of the activities in the next posts.  This is the final output of what we worked on together. I did not speak while recording as each teacher had to describe
    his/her part and I just wanted you to see what we worked on. An interesting topic which was  presented in different subjects and by many Teachers who worked together.
    I think that we worked well!!

                              WE ARE ALL IN THIS  TOGETHER

Here you can see my video for this week's activities :
We shared our videos in the  Padlet  :

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