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MM10 Week 1 Introduction and Video Tutorials( 1)


Last year  I started  MM9 but I had to give up. I therefore decided to take the session in May which was presented online by Dr. Nellie Deutsch.
Moodle Mooc 10 was  a new experience for me as I had to work together with Teachers from all over the  world. The project was based on the idea of collaboration.

This is my first post  about  WEEK1.

WEEK 1 Introduction

We were asked  to introduce ourselves, to team up and to think about  collaboration in the  CPA ( Course Practice Area).
We were also guided online about how to create  tutorials and videos while working on the Moodle Platform.
For online courses and topics we were suggested checking online:

We had to watch  video tutorial  on how to use Screencast-o-matic (free) and SlideSpeech (free).  I was familiar with both but  I must  confess that Screencast-o-matic is my favourite one.

We learnt  about  how to use a text to speech program such as SlideSpeech so that we could add the notes to our slides or we could use text to speech programs to convert your text to MP3 so that we could  add it to your screencast-o-matic file. 

Here are some interesting ones:

Video  Tutorials  shared by  Nellie Deutsch in the


Week 1-  Video Tutorials and Activities
We started working online and we could explore  some features of  Moodle by using screencasting and uploading the videos on the Youtube. Here are my  tutorials:

My Profile on the Moodle

Layout of MM10

The Rich Editor on Moodle

I started feeling a bit  worried about the " journey into Moodle" but I felt I could manage and tried to work hard , most of the weekend was spent online!!

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