domenica 20 novembre 2016

Tools and free materials for educators

The web is now presenting us   plenty of  tools and resources which we can use for free. While working on line I came across these useful web links  which I am sharing with you.

I have also discovered a new tool which helps me be connected online in video conferencing with a maximum number of people and I don't need to be registered.
Here is the list I have prepared for this post: you will find information, guides and a lot of free materials which you can use in your lessons and with your students.    

Free books, courses and materials online:

Unesco Free Resources

Free digital story-telling tools

Free tools

Web tools for  Teachers

Free guides to be downloaded                A free tool to convert documents 

Top Ten Learning  Tools for  2016   : source

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016 from Jane Hart

A free  Video  Chat  &  Conference  Tool :
In order to be able to connect with the other people in the room you need to have  Chrome or Mozilla  browsers. It is very easy to use. Just see the tutorial:

Elt and Technology : useful tips and ideas shared by Nik  Peachey  thanks to  Slideshare:

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