sabato 12 novembre 2016

Raising Awareness about the Situation of Newly Arrived Migrants Reflections Week 2

The journey has continued, we have learnt from other teachers and  we have created a lesson and learnt about the best ways to approach the theme in our  classes.

It must be difficult but  it is  a " must do " lesson.

Also in my  region and the area where I live we have a lot of  immigrants and some refugees have arrived. They also arrived in the past.  We do need to know about them and their stories.

A more detailed overview is in my  website:

This is my learning  diary where I have shared some materials and more details about the topic: we have been informed and given some tips about the best ways to teache how to present and discuss the issue.  Learning can happen in different ways, by bringing the real world into our  classes and by helping learners to learn about  what is happening around us.

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