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Integrating Newly Arrived Migrant Students in Schools Week 1-2

The third  MOOC bout educators and  newly arrived students began in November on  28th  November and it is going to end by 18th December.
As usual, it has been an interesting MOOC with lots of ideas and interesting  resources which have been shared by the tutors.
This MOOC was a sort of follow-up as we had already done the previous ones but it was also interesting as we were asked to think about what we would do in order to face the newly arrived students in our schools.
It was more about the refugees and how to deal with them at school.  Hopefully,. I have not had to face this problem with my students in class but I know that in some areas of Italy  schools have children and young students who have just arrived and need to forget their past life and the atrocities they left behind.  Most of  my students who are not Italian  were born abroad but they  have been studying in Italy for some years.  I think that with refugees schools need to act and do their best but a good team of  educators and  also financial help is needed.  Living in a land where you do not speak the language is  a stressful situation, sometimes  other  people are not ready to help you. In addition, you want to forget and need to start a new life. Families and children need to enter the new society but it is hard.
I have devised a short  Action Plan  as a final task- I am asked to  present it and to share it and some peers will have to provide feedback.  I will also have to provide feedback to two more teachers in the Mooc.

Here is my learning diary with the final task:

The resources which we were given   underlined the importance of welcoming the new students and presented  the activities which can help  them socialize.  P.E. activities and  language input were important to make the  young learners start a new living.

I would like to underline that although we have  a lot of economic problems in our region- EMILIA-ROMAGNA  we have been  working with a lot of immigrants  and there was  special conference in December.
Here is the link to the materials which have been shared by educators:

Twitter has provided interesting documents and more  ideas about the best ways we can face  our students and their needs:

It is important to remember that every child ,  every teenager, every man  has a right to education. We do need to support them and  think about how we can enhance their living and studying in the new land. 

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