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August  2016 

                            5th-6th-7th August   2016                                     

Thanks to Nellie  Deutsch we are offered a free Virtual Conference online :  details can be found here with more links about the event

The syllabus is engaging and it offers  great opportunities for learners - teachers like me - who are interested in technology in education and  also teaching  foreign  languages:

What will be  presented by the speakers in the different  sections are different  topics and they will be discussed online in the webinars :
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Blended Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Blended Online Learning
  • Badges for Learning
  • Online Learning Environments
  • Learning in Virtual Worlds
  • Case Studies on Moodle

Here is the presentation by Nellie: she provides useful information about how to enroll and once you are enrolled you will find the links to the old conferences.

Last year I was online and I could watch some interesting webinars:

topic : innovation and open education

 topic:  MOOCs  and  education

As I really appreciated the events last year I am going to watch this year's webinars too.  It is nice to see how so many teachers are working during the summer time to make this conference a memorable experience.

Thanks a lot to Nellie and to all the speakers in the Conference!

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