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What is the flipped classroom?  This infographic can help us understand it. 

Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton

This video can help understand why we should work in a different way to get our students more engaged and we could care for different levels  of learners by providing also support or individualized learning if necessary. We know that learners can learn in a different way and that it is important to reach all our  learners.

More sources online which can explain   FLIPPED LEARNING :

Tips and ideas about  flipping a teacher should know:

1^ create a video
2^ share it with your students
3^ spend class time differently

Last February I was engaged online and did some EVO sessions dealing with different issues and interesting topics: Clil, writing ebooks and  a lot of new  topics like  flipping.

I also did the EVO SESSION about  FLIPPPED LEARNING. I took up the activity late but could learn a lot and I watched most of the reflections online which the tutor suggested us.
We were guided by teachers who were working online and shared their ideas about what they had been doing  and  which tools we might use to flip our classes.

In some way  I am a person who has started flipping lessons as I would like my students to learn on their own.  I also think that we should work from home and that students should be more engaged in class.

I have  learnt that you need to know well what to do when you decide to change the approach of teaching.  My students do not have  technology at school and sometimes not even at home. This is a great  problem.

Flipped learning implies that your students have access to  videos and the internet but  you do not need to work only online.

We were guided and we developed our sample lesson/module by choosing an activity which should follow the principles of FL: here is my final product.
I tried to use many tools but the great problem was to choose what the students could see from home: most of my students have poor internet access and they use mobile devices like smartphones but in most cases they do not have a tablet or their  computer can be not the most  updated.
I used Zaption for some activities, now  ZAPTION is going to disappear and I will have to find a new way for  presenting  videos with questions: edpuzzle might be ok but  I am looking for new tools. I really like using new tools but  I am also interested in free apps as  I cannot pay for a lot of subscriptions and what's more we do not have many teachers who are working on FL.

This is the Link to the activity which I have devised and need improving

I have collected some interesting materials online which I feel might be useful and which are the key and most important ideas we might bear in mind  when we decide to flip our  classes or lessons.

Blended learning and flipping classroom: what you can blend 

  • a lesson
  • a discussion
  • a  research
  • a collaboration
  • assessment      


LMS, by italianteacher

ONLINE WHITEBOARDS, by italianteacher

SEARCH ENGINES, by italianteacher

                             USING  SCREENCAST O'MATIC  
                            FOR CREATING VIDEOS

Useful link for creating  videos with   VIZIA:

Tools which we can use to create  video presentations online



      2. the Learnia

  3. Blendspace
                                          Other tools                  A useful tool for creating a blog post in just a few seconds

                                                               CLOUDSCHOOL          A free platform for teachers and learners

I will present  some interesting  ideas and videos in my next post. I really think that flipping can make us work in a different way.

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